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The running order for annual competition between the Isle of Wight and Gosport on Saturday 24 June at Planet Ice Gosport is as follows:

Synchro teams for the Sue Buckingham Cup
1. Wight Crystals
2. Gosport Shooting Stars
3. Wight Sequins
4. Gosport All Stars
5. White Sparkles

Ice Cut

Class One: Level 1 and under
1. Olivia Farr
2. Ruby Matthews
3. Eloise Whitelock
4. Maisy Foreman
5. Eloise Hayward
6. Anneliese Smith

Class Two: Level 2 to level 5
1. Sam Ellyatt
2. Jessica Curtis
3. Sophia Elliot
4. Georgina Evans
5. Izzy Curtis
6. Charleigh-May

Class Three: Level 6 and above
1. Amy World
2. Tivoli Thompson
3. Robbie World
4. Keelin Scholes
5. Roxy Collins
6. Grace Fitzpatrick

Class Four: Adults – over 21
1. Melody Samiee
2. Steve Wood
3. Libby Watts
4. Alison Wright
5. Gemma-Dee Walton

Class Five: 2s, 3s and 4s level 1 and under
1. Clowns
2. Blade of Glory
3. Sassy Servants
4. Pirates
5. OMG

Class Six: 2s, 3s and 4s level 2 and over
1. Alice In Wonderland
2. High School Musical
3. Cruzin
4. Two Looneys
5. Magnificent 4

Class Seven: Group number (5+ skaters)
1. IoW 1
2. Elftastic
3. Peter Pan

Please be ready to skate at 4:45pm.

Information provided by the IWID&FSC.

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This year’s annual competition against Gosport takes place on Saturday 24 June at Gosport ice rink. IW competitors should meet at 3.30pm at Gosport rink.

This year skaters are asked to make their own travel arrangements by car ferry or cat (the synchro code can be used if you are skating in the synchro section). Skaters need to organise their own props and costumes.

  • Please meet at the rink for 15.30, the competition will start with the synchro teams at 16.45 prompt.
  • Please wear club or synchro jackets with your hair neatly tied back if possible.
  • Remember you are representing the Isle of Wight club. We are so incredibly proud of your attitude and determination to keep skating even though we have no home rink.
  • Each skater must bring £5 payable to Gosport to skate.
  • The running order and times will posted by 18 June.

The competition is expected to finish at 20.30 but keep checking here and on synchro sites for updates.

Categories and  skaters that have shown interest are as follows:

Solo, level 1 and under: Eloise Hayward, Jess Curtis and Anneliese Smith.(1.50 to 2mins)
Solo, level 2  to level 5: Izzy Curtis, Sophia Elliott and Roxy Collins (2 to 2.5mins)
Solo, level 6 and over: Amy World.
Solo, adults: Ali Wright, Melody and Keelin (21 years plus) (1.5 to 2 mins)
2-4s, level 1 and under: Pirates – Eloise, Arwen, Ellie and  Josie; Blades of Glory – Kerry and Melody (2.5 to 3mins)
2-4s, level 2 and over:   Alice in Wonderland, Courtney, Izzy, Jess and Anneliese; Roxy, Keelin, Anna and Izzy.

Skaters should let coach Terri Smith know whether they can make it or not.

Keep an eye on the club’s Facebook page for updates.


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IW skaters at Planet Ice’s artistic competition at Gosport, 3 June 2017.

Anneliese kicked off the competition for the Isle of Wight in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Passport solo artistic event, winning gold with her Moana routine. She was every bit the little star and everyone loved her routine. Daddy Howard had been very busy building props as well, as she had her very own Moana boat


The NISA levels 1 to 4 solo class saw an Isle of Wight 1-2-3, with Sophia Elliott earning gold for a fantastic Wizard of Oz routine in which she started off as the scarecrow and changed into Dorothy halfway through. Izzy Curtis and her Aladdin routine took silver, and Jess Curtis was just behind her big sister with bronze for her “be my guest” Disney Descendants routine.


Proving that hard work does pay off and laughing the whole way through the routine, the superb performance from The Pirates (Arwen Rowdon, Eloise Hayward, Ellie and Josie Watts) claimed gold in the groups, aged under 21 class.
There was silver too for Alice in Wonderland’s birthday party, a high-energy entertaining routine from Izzy and Jess Curtis, Anneliese Smith and Courtney Lane. Bronze went to Gosport


The Pirates: Arwen Rowdon, Eloise Hayward, Ellie and Josie Watts. Coach Terri Smith is pictured top between the parrot and the skeleton

Link: Event report

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We’d like to welcome back the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club to iowskaters.com. There’s now a new Club News category, which will be used to post details of club events, the achievements of club skaters and so on. The website will be amended shortly to include a page for club contact details, and we’ll be revising other pages where appropriate as soon as possible. The former club website at http://www.iwidfsc.co.uk will be wound down in due course.

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