Club News: Skater of the Month

Courtney Lane

 Courtney Lane is our skater of the month. She was nominated by Sarah Hayward, Terri Smith and several of her team mates because she has shown tremendous maturity and kindness to her fellow team members both on and off the ice.

In Scotland, at August’s ISU synchronized skating development camp, the skaters were placed in one of three groups and although Courtney was not in her preferred group, she approached each session over the next few days with enthusiasm, hard work and a smile, while showing leadership to the younger skaters. Then, when a number of skaters became ill at the camp, she helped with their care, remaining calm and patient and accommodating their needs.

Courtney’s vivacious personality is always well liked by her fellow team skaters and her recent maturity and kindness in Scotland adds to her strengths.

Courtney is one of the skaters that has to train late Friday night and early Sunday morning following the closure of Ryde rink. She is always smiling even if it’s the 4am ferry and always speaks to everyone and encourages the younger skaters.

Courtney will receive a free patch session for a rink of her choice.

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