The Isle of Wight fields four synchronized skating teams: Wight Jewels (senior), Wight Crystals (mixed age) and Wight Sparkles (basic novice) and Wight Sequins (pre-juvenile). Team names and the levels at which they skate may change with each new season. The team names and levels at which they compete are correct for the 2019-2020 season.

team02_x400With the closure of Ryde ice rink, all four teams train on the mainland. The Jewels mainly train at Bracknell, the other teams at Gosport. The hours at which they train and travel are best described as anti-social.

team04_x400Team members largely comprise skaters based on the Isle of Wight, but membership is open to all: the Wight synchro teams include skaters from Bracknell, Gosport and Basingstoke. Team members pay a monthly subscription to cover coaching and venue. All competition costs, travel and skating outfits are extra.

team03_x400Synchronized skating was started on the Isle of Wight in 2004 by current head coach Terri Smith, who set up the Island’s first team, the Wight Diamonds, which is currently inactive. Terri, who established and runs the current teams, relocated her family to Gosport in 2018 following the closure of Ryde Arena.

The teams’ achievements in the UK, verifiable by official NISA or ISU results, are given in the Achievements sub-page.

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Our glorious past: British Junior Champions 2011/12: The Wight Jewels. Co-captains Izzy Coeshott (left) and Gemma Marsh. Photograph copyright 2011 Digital Photo Events (Graham Taylor Photography)