Club membership

Updated 12 August 2017

Annual club membership runs for one year from the date of joining and costs £25 for skating members and £15 for associate (non-skating) members.

The club also offers annual family membership  for £55. Family membership  includes any children and up to 2 related adults. That’s “up to”, so it can be 0, 1 or 2 adults, plus in theory any number of children. Please note that the committee can use its discretion in deciding the extent of an application for family membership because it has the constitutional power to accept or decline any application for membership.

Subscriptions are due for renewal by 30 September each year.

Fees should be paid directly into the following bank account: IWIDFSC Lloyds Bank, sort code 77-25-14,  Account No 89487760

Club membership includes comprehensive insurance which is required to skate during patch time at any rink and essential for competition entry or NISA exams. In addition, as a member of IWIDFSC you will benefit from the support we offer our skaters including access to funds raised by members which we use to subsidise expenses such as competition entry fees, travel and accommodation.

For those of you who skate, the club has established a small award for skater of the month – the winner will be given a free patch session at a rink of their choice.