Skater of the month, December 2017

The club’s skater of the month award for December 2017 goes to Janet Valentine and Terri Smith to recognise their tremendous effort and commitment to the club and the skaters.

Janet manages the synchro teams, books all the competitions, organises the travel, arranges the accommodation, sorts out the uniforms, answers all the questions, smoothes out any problems, supports the synchro teams while they’re away, supports all the fundraising events that help all members of the club… She works full time and never moans, never says anything negative about anyone. Janet, we salute you! You have the patience of a saint, you are an absolute star and we appreciate everything that you do to support the skaters.

Terri, our coach, has gone above and beyond last year to keep the Isle of Wight skaters on the map, travelling up and down the country to train in different rinks, organising events, and supporting all the fundraising. She really has inspired skaters to keep going even in the face of adversity. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication and look forward to another year of successful skating.

Terri Smith – our coach

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