Club News: Skater of the month

Izzy Curtis and Will Riley competing as members of Wight Crystals

The club’s skater of the month award for August goes to two teenagers who have both worked hard to pass their NISA standard field move tests with limited ice time to train: Izzy Curtis, who passed her level 6, and Will Riley, who passed his level 7.

Both skaters have shown maturity and have helped our younger club members. On Wednesdays, Will travels with younger skaters to Gosport so they are still able to practice without their parents having to travel with them. He is an inspiration in the jump class as his jumps are amazing.

Izzy has also travelled with younger skaters, supporting them by travelling on Wednesday evenings to patch. Since the start of the new synchro season she has been helping lead our youngest synchro team, Wight Sequins, off ice after their fortnightly training sessions

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