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We’d like to welcome back the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club to iowskaters.com. There’s now a new Club News category, which will be used to post details of club events, the achievements of club skaters and so on. The website will be amended shortly to include a page for club contact details, and we’ll be revising other pages where appropriate as soon as possible. The former club website at http://www.iwidfsc.co.uk will be wound down in due course.

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The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club’s AGM is at 6.30pm on 23 May at the Riverside Centre, Newport. It is followed by the annual awards evening at 7.30pm.

Nominations for committee officers and committee members have to be submitted no later than one week before the AGM (16 May). The club sent out details of the AGM and nomination forms on 6 May by email, however, I have been away an unable to update this site until today. If insufficient committee members and officers are nominated in advance, the club can take nominations at the AGM for positions that have not been filled. Note that if only one person stands for a position, that person is automatically elected. The club ideally needs a committee of 10, but can make do with five (the minimum number for any committee meeting to be quorate).

Committee members must be 16 years old or over (voters at the AGM must be club members aged 14 or over). As club members, committee members must be people who are “eligible people in skating” according to NISA’s constitution and articles of association. In essence this excludes professionals (such as skating coaches) and people with a commercial interest in skating (some clarification is needed whether this would include members of Ryde Arena Trust as a community-based organisation).

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The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club’s annual competition took place at Planet Ice Ryde on Sunday 22 July. Skaters achieved the following results:

Spin Spiral and Jump
Class 1, Boys: 1 Toby Toone, 2 James Wright, 3 Rhys Wright
Class 2, Girls, age 8: 1 Annabel Jallat, 2 Savannah Randall, 3 Holly Eldridge, 4 Aileen Armstrong, 5 Anna Temporin, 6 Kacey French, 7 Lilly McDevitt
Class 3, Girls, age 9 and 10: 1 Tia Bishop, 2 Issy Dixon, 3 Elizabeth Betts, 4 Emily Tutton, 5 Stella Stratton, 6 Catherine Hartland, 7 Isabel Curtis
Class 4, Girls, age 11 to 15: 1 Laua Goodtread, 2 Zoe Birks, 3 Charlotte Roscoe, 4 Bonnie Mitchell, 5 Sophie Guymer-Parkes
Class 5, Adult Ladies: 1 Alison Wright

Free Skating
Class 7, Beginner Boys: 1 Will Riley, 2 Jordan Pointer, 3 Michael Pedley
Class 8, Beginner Girls age 10 and under: 1 Toni Delap, 2 Lauren Wood, 3 Ayesha Taylor, 4 Hope Roberts
Class 9, Beginner Girls age 11 and over: 1 Robyn Johnson, 2 Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby, 3= Phoebe Ockendon and Ella Newnham, 5 Hayley Purrington, 6 Holly Donohue, 7 Sarah Baldwin, 8 Rhiannon Hudson
Class 10, Level 1 Girls: 1 Beth Howarth, 2 Olivia Lacey, 3 Kayleigh Pedley, 4 Hannah Barfoot, 5 Caitlin Fyffe
Class 11, Level 1 Men, Adults: 1 Steve Wood
Class 12, Level 2 Boys: 1 Miles Grist
Class 13, Level 2 Girls: 1 Nicola Baxter, 2 Beckie Vockins, 3 Roxy Collins
Class 14, Level 3 Girls: Keelin Scholes
Class 15, Level 4 Girls: 1 Amy World, 2 Charlotte Chapman
Class 16, Level 5 Girls: 1 Isabelle Coeshott
Class 17, Level 8 Girls: 1 Nikita Heathfield

Class 18, Beginner Girls: 1 Lauren Wood
Class 19, Beginner Adults: 1 Wendy Bluestone
Class 20, Levels 2 and 3: 1 Keelin Scholes, 2 Roxy Collins
Class 21, Level 4: 1 Amy World
Class 22, 2s , 3s and 4s (Groups): 1 Tia Daley and Jemma Southwell, 2 Beth Howarth and Beckie Vockins, 3 Charlotte Chapman and Keelin Scholes

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The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club has launched its official new site at http://www.iwidfsc.co.uk/. The site incorporates a club management system provided by Wild Apricot software aimed at improving communication between members.

The site you’re currently on, www.iowskaters.co.uk, continues as an independent website for skaters on or visiting the Isle of Wight.

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Sandown & Shanklin Lions presented the IW synchro teams with a cheque for £500 at last night’s awards evening organized by the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club. The cheque was accepted by the captains of the teams. A big thanks to the Lions for raising so much to help the IW teams.

Representatives of the Lions weren’t the only special guests at the awards evening: Dancing on Ice star and IW club patron Kyran Bracken was there as guest speaker and to present the awards along with Steven Cousins, eight times British national champion. Steven Cousins directed the Ice Party Champions show that visited the IW last year, and which is due to return, along with Kyran Bracken, in September.

The awards evening also had another special guest to present an award, Mrs Sybil Hammond, who supported the synchro teams recently through a generous donation. Her late husband, sports journalist Denis Hammond, reported regularly on ice hockey for the Isle of Wight County Press, and took a keen interest in ice sports achievements on the Island in his last years.

Key among the awards was the skaters’ skater, chosen by the clubs’ skaters themselves on the night. This year the award went to Izzy Coeshott, vice-captain of the Wight Jewels. Details of other award winners will no doubt be forthcoming on the new club website.

Steven Cousins’ website: http://www.simplysteven.com

Ice Party Champions: http://icepartychampions.co.uk/

IWID&FSC Awards Evening: http://www.iwidfsc.co.uk

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The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club’s AGM is at 6pm to 7pm on Friday 20 May at Newport Football Club. Notices advising of this went up at the rink at the weekend, and anyone interested in standing as a committee member should return nomination forms to Karen Bicknell, secretary, by 13 May, using the drop box in the coaches’ room at the rink or direct to Karen.

Nomination forms, assuming they survive the public disco sessions, are available in a plastic wallet on the club noticeboard by skate hire. Only nominations dated 7 May to 13 May inclusive and received by or on 13 May are valid under the club’s constitution. If committee officer positions are uncontested or vacant, or if there are not enough nomations to bring the committee up to 10, nominations can be taken at the AGM.

Current club members should also have received details of the AGM and a nomination form by email. Please note that this email contains incorrect advice: any club member can nominate or second someone, but only members aged 14 or over can vote at the AGM (and only someone aged 16 or over can stand for the committee). Also, the club ultimately needs only five committee members, including one officer, to function and be quorate according to the constitution, not the full 10.

The AGM precedes the club’s awards evening.

This item provided for information.

Nomination form: AGM Nomination_form

AGM Agenda: 2011 AGM_agenda

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