The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club’s AGM is at 6pm to 7pm on Friday 20 May at Newport Football Club. Notices advising of this went up at the rink at the weekend, and anyone interested in standing as a committee member should return nomination forms to Karen Bicknell, secretary, by 13 May, using the drop box in the coaches’ room at the rink or direct to Karen.

Nomination forms, assuming they survive the public disco sessions, are available in a plastic wallet on the club noticeboard by skate hire. Only nominations dated 7 May to 13 May inclusive and received by or on 13 May are valid under the club’s constitution. If committee officer positions are uncontested or vacant, or if there are not enough nomations to bring the committee up to 10, nominations can be taken at the AGM.

Current club members should also have received details of the AGM and a nomination form by email. Please note that this email contains incorrect advice: any club member can nominate or second someone, but only members aged 14 or over can vote at the AGM (and only someone aged 16 or over can stand for the committee). Also, the club ultimately needs only five committee members, including one officer, to function and be quorate according to the constitution, not the full 10.

The AGM precedes the club’s awards evening.

This item provided for information.

Nomination form: AGM Nomination_form

AGM Agenda: 2011 AGM_agenda

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