IW skating club AGM and awards evening

The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club’s AGM is at 6.30pm on 23 May at the Riverside Centre, Newport. It is followed by the annual awards evening at 7.30pm.

Nominations for committee officers and committee members have to be submitted no later than one week before the AGM (16 May). The club sent out details of the AGM and nomination forms on 6 May by email, however, I have been away an unable to update this site until today. If insufficient committee members and officers are nominated in advance, the club can take nominations at the AGM for positions that have not been filled. Note that if only one person stands for a position, that person is automatically elected. The club ideally needs a committee of 10, but can make do with five (the minimum number for any committee meeting to be quorate).

Committee members must be 16 years old or over (voters at the AGM must be club members aged 14 or over). As club members, committee members must be people who are “eligible people in skating” according to NISA’s constitution and articles of association. In essence this excludes professionals (such as skating coaches) and people with a commercial interest in skating (some clarification is needed whether this would include members of Ryde Arena Trust as a community-based organisation).

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