Lions raise £500 for synchro teams

Sandown & Shanklin Lions presented the IW synchro teams with a cheque for £500 at last night’s awards evening organized by the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club. The cheque was accepted by the captains of the teams. A big thanks to the Lions for raising so much to help the IW teams.

Representatives of the Lions weren’t the only special guests at the awards evening: Dancing on Ice star and IW club patron Kyran Bracken was there as guest speaker and to present the awards along with Steven Cousins, eight times British national champion. Steven Cousins directed the Ice Party Champions show that visited the IW last year, and which is due to return, along with Kyran Bracken, in September.

The awards evening also had another special guest to present an award, Mrs Sybil Hammond, who supported the synchro teams recently through a generous donation. Her late husband, sports journalist Denis Hammond, reported regularly on ice hockey for the Isle of Wight County Press, and took a keen interest in ice sports achievements on the Island in his last years.

Key among the awards was the skaters’ skater, chosen by the clubs’ skaters themselves on the night. This year the award went to Izzy Coeshott, vice-captain of the Wight Jewels. Details of other award winners will no doubt be forthcoming on the new club website.

Steven Cousins’ website:

Ice Party Champions:

IWID&FSC Awards Evening:

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