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The French Cup 2011 has a live broadcast link.

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The club’s AGM was held on Friday 14 May.  The new committee for 2010/11 is:

Chairman –  Becky Daley
Vice-chair – Helen Wilks
Treasurer – Karen Baldwin
Secretary – Steve Taverner
Minutes Secretary – Karen Bicknell
Committee Members: Donna Black, Kim Probert, Fiona Grist, Arron Grist, Sarah Danzig, Carol Taverner

Liz Read was also co-opted onto the committee at the AGM.

The minutes will be posted once they have received final approval from the committee.

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Club members voted to change the constitution at the AGM on 14 May 2010 to add family membership at the cost of £55 a year. Skating membership remains unchanged at £25 a year, and non-skating membership at £12 a year.

Family membership includes up to 2 related adults/guardians and their children. That’s “up to”, so it can be 0, 1 or 2 adults, plus in theory any number of children.

The club is fully aware of the complex nature of some of today’s relationships, where aunts, uncles or grandparents may act as a skater’s guardian, and family membership is therefore intended to be flexible. However, the committee has the constitutional power to accept or decline any application for membership, and therefore can use its discretion to limit the extent of any application for family membership.

The club hopes that some of our larger skating families will benefit from the change. Family membership is intended to cover not only skaters but also adults who need to be club members to help at events, and to encourage those adults to have more of a say in the running of the club. Any family that has two or more children in the annual show, for example, may find family membership works to their benefit.

Please note that the change to the constitution has to be submitted to NISA for approval.

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The EGM on Friday 26 June passed the resolution to increase annual membership fees from £10.00 to £12.00 for non-skaters and from £20.00 to £25.00 for skaters. The EGM was attended by 12 voting members and the motion was passed unanimously. Apologies for absence were received from club secretary Karen Bicknell, committee member Ian Marsh and membership secretary Barbara Close.

The rise becomes effective from 1 September 2009. Anyone wishing to renew before 1 September 2009 for a membership that is due for renewal up to 1 December 2009 can do so at the old rate for non-skaters of £10.00 and skaters £20.00. Their membership will run for 12 months from the date that their membership was due to be renewed (for example, if your membership is due for renewal on 1 October 2009, you can renew it before 1 September and your membership will become due again on 1 October 2010).

Any membership due but not paid by 1 September 2009 or any new club memberships from 1 September will be at the new rates.

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Ian Marsh submitted his resignation from the committee on 19 December and it was accepted at the committee meeting on 16 January.  Ian edited the newsletter and his resignation may affect the publication of the next issue, which is due on 1 February.

There are currently two vacancies on the the club committee.

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Sharon Buckman has been co-opted to the committee to fill the vacancy left by Wendy Fishel. Sharon, who will focus on fund-raising efforts, was unanimously accepted onto the committee at the meeting on 9 November.

The meeting was the fourth consecutive meeting that Jeff Fishel has not attended. As a result he was asked whether he still wanted to be on the committee. He has decided to tender his resignation.

The committee is therefore still one member short. Anyone who wishes to be considered for the committee, and who has the time to give to such a commitment, should talk to the secretary or chairwoman.

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Wendy Fishel has resigned from the club committee and her resignation was accepted with regret at the committee meeting on 13 July. Wendy offered her resignation because she will be hard-pressed for time following developments in her skating supplies business.

Helen Wilks, who at the AGM unsuccessfully stood against Wendy for the position of vice-chairperson, will now fulfil the role of vice-chairperson (proposed by Jeff Fishel, seconded by Sian-Marie Edkins, and unanimously agreed).

Wendy’s departure means there is a vacancy on the committee, and the club is trying to find someone who is willing to serve.

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