Club membership fees

The EGM on Friday 26 June passed the resolution to increase annual membership fees from £10.00 to £12.00 for non-skaters and from £20.00 to £25.00 for skaters. The EGM was attended by 12 voting members and the motion was passed unanimously. Apologies for absence were received from club secretary Karen Bicknell, committee member Ian Marsh and membership secretary Barbara Close.

The rise becomes effective from 1 September 2009. Anyone wishing to renew before 1 September 2009 for a membership that is due for renewal up to 1 December 2009 can do so at the old rate for non-skaters of £10.00 and skaters £20.00. Their membership will run for 12 months from the date that their membership was due to be renewed (for example, if your membership is due for renewal on 1 October 2009, you can renew it before 1 September and your membership will become due again on 1 October 2010).

Any membership due but not paid by 1 September 2009 or any new club memberships from 1 September will be at the new rates.

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