AGM: What the members want

Club members were invited to submit ideas and suggestions at the AGM to improve how the club serves it members.

It was suggested that copies of the accounts be made available to members and that all committee members should receive copies of the accounts. A summary of the club’s accounts are therefore to appear in the next newsletter.

Also, it was thought that better contact was needed with club members. Although the club has a newsletter, its production has been irregular and sometimes short on information, and the committee will be looking at improving both the regularity of its production, its distribution, and the quality of the information that the newsletter provides.

It was also suggested that copies of the minutes of committee meetings should be made available to parents and members: these are now likely to appear on the club noticeboard at the rink, and on this website. The newsletter also offers the potential to include summaries of the minutes so that members are aware of the decisions taken on their behalf.

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