AGM: Club constitution

Ultimately, members at the AGM did not vote on accepting the club constitution as presented. With the need to submit a constitution to NISA to ensure it meets requirements for the club to remain affiliated to NISA, instead members at the meeting voted on key changes to the constitution to present for approval.

The two key changes members voted to put forward to NISA were:

1. Rolling membership. Instead of having a fixed membership year from 1 June to 31 May, membership will instead last for one year from the date of joining.

2. CRB checks. To ensure full compliance with child protection policies, all committee members and officers are to be CRB checked.

A third point about the speaking rights of under-age members and non-members was deferred for further discussion. At the AGM, the point was raised because minutes of the previous committee meeting on the topic differed in detail from the agreed decision of the committee.

Acceptance of the new constitution will now need to be decided at an EGM. The committee, however, has discretionary powers under the current constitution to allow the proposed changes of rolling membership and CRB checking to be effected.

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