AGM: The new committee 2007-8

At the AGM, the following people were elected as officers on the committee for 2007-8:

Chairwoman: Karen Bicknell
Vice-chairwoman: Wendy Fishel
Secretary: Janet Marsh
Treasurer: Sarah Danzig

Other committee members elected were:

Sian-Marie Edkins
Jeff Fishel
Ian Marsh
Liz Read
Carol Taverner
Helen Wilks

Valid nominations were received for only three officer positions; only three other people provided valid, on-time nominations as committee members. Accordingly, after appointing officers and members from valid nominations, further nominations were requested from those present at the AGM.

The position of vice-chairperson was eventually contested by Helen Wilks and Wendy Fishel, with Wendy winning 12 votes to 5. Helen Wilks, Sian-Marie Edkins, Jeff Fishel and Liz Read received or submitted nominations at the meeting and joined the committee as members.

The new committee is listed on the Who’s who section of the site, with pictures for ease of identification.

Sarah England, Andy Pegram, Sue Orme and Chris Wilmott (secretary for 2006-7) have therefore left the committee.

Andy Pegram was renominated as a member but declined owing to pressure of work. Ian Marsh was also nominated as secretary but declined the nomination for the same reason.

The AGM was attended by 18 people, or just under 15% of the club (last year, the AGM attracted 11 people or just under 25% of the club).

Present at AGM: Daisy Bicknell, Karen Bicknell, Dave Christie, Sarah Danzig, Sian-Marie Edkins, Jeff Fishel, Wendy Fishel, Val Hadlow, Ian Marsh, Janet Marsh, Sue Orme, Andy Pegram, Liz Read, Carol Taverner, Helen Wilks, Matthew Wilks, Chris Wilmott, Stephen Wood.

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