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The British Figure Skating Championships take place this week from 29 November to 4 December at iceSheffield.

IW skater Nikita Heathfield is competing in the junior ladies, which starts on 1 December. Nikita currently trains at Dundee Ice Arena, having moved up to Scotland for university, and is therefore shown as representing Dundee in the results.

Results: http://www.icephoto.co.uk/British16/

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The National Team Challenge (NTC) took place on Sunday 3 July at Guildford ice rink. Clubs fielding teams at this year’s event included Alexandra Palace, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Coventry, Gosport, Guildford,  Isle of Wight, and Slough.

At the NTC, clubs compete in eight out of a selection of 17 free skating, ice dance, synchro and artistic groups, plus a ninth, compulsory show category. Teams score points based on their finishing position in each group, and with eight teams competing this year, 1st place in each group scored 8 points, down to 8th place which scored 1 point. Choosing the right groups in which to compete can hugely change a team’s potential score and is part of the game of the event.

Positions of IW entries were as follows:

Synchronized skating: 3rd Isle of Wight

Beginners men, any age: 4th Kallum Wood

Novice A ladies, any age: 5th Keelin Scholes

Novice A men, any age: 4th Will Riley

Advanced novice ladies: 2nd Amy World

Solo free dance, juvenile and under: 2nd Beckie Vockins

Solo exhibition level 2 and under: 2nd Sophia Elliott

Solo exhibition level 8 and under: 3rd Toni Delap

Show number: 5th Isle of Wight

Results are subject to confirmation.

The event was won by Guildford on 65 points, with Coventry second on 64 points and Alexandra Palace third on 61 points. The Isle of Wight was 7th on 51 points.

Official results: http://www.icephoto.co.uk/NTC16/



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IW skaters were in action at Guildford open competitions on 18 to 21 May, achieving the following results:

Beginner girls age 8 and under: 8th Sophia Elliott (7.17)
Beginner girls age 10: 4th Courtney Lane (12.30), 5th Tiarna Barton (11.88)
Beginner girls age 12 and over: 8th Bethan Perry (8.18)
Level 2 girls age 12 and over: 3rd Saphire Recalde-Arnold (15.02)
Level 3 girls: 4th Holly Eldridge (15.76)
Adult single silver Class I and Class II: 6th Miranda McGeoch (16.47)

Ryde head coach Terri Smith writes: “These were great results for our young skaters, especially Saphire Recalde-Arnold making the podium and achieving third place competing at level 2 for the first time. Saphire also received the score for her next test. This is new to figure skating – skaters can now achieve a certain score in competition and buy their test. This is more convenient and a great step forwards as the skaters can progress during competitions and it takes the extra stress out of taking exams.

“Test scores were also gained by Courtney, Tiarna and Holly, so if they want to move forwards they can buy their test.

“It was the first time Bethan Perry had competed in solo competition nationally, as she had only competed on the Island before. She found the large ice pad challenging and didn’t skate to her best. Experience was gained especially for all our skaters as the more they compete and get into the competition environment the better.

“IW solo skaters are now looking forwards to Basingstoke opens in November.”

Website: www.gifsc.com

Official results: www.icephoto.co.uk/GUI15/

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Basingstoke Opens take place this week from 3 to 5 November. A number of IW skaters are taking part and their results will be posted when available.

Results of IW skaters:

Beginner ladies age 8 and under: 13th Sophia Elliot (7.93)
Beginner ladies age 10 and 11: 9th Courtney Lane (10.35), 10th Aileen Armstrong (10.29), 14th Tiarna Barton (9.81)
Beginner ladies age 12 and over: 3rd Serena Copping (12.52)

Level 1 ladies age 11 and over: 4th Ayesha Taylor(16.20), 11th Saphire Recalde-Arnold (13.90)
Level 1 men: 1st James Wright (17.73)

Level 2 ladies: 5th Lauren Wood (17.11), 9th Robyn Johnson (16.30)
Level 2 men: 3rd Oliver Brunton (14.33)

Level 3 ladies: 5th Toni Delap (19.36), 11th Kirsty Atter (17.05), 19th Beckie Vockins (9.27)
Level 3 men: 1st Miles Grist (16.31), 2nd William Riley (15.39)

Junior ladies short: 5th Nikita Heathfield (25.08)
Junior ladies free: 8th Nikita Heathfield (43.82)

Results: www.obfusk.co.uk/BAS14/

Link: http://basingstokeiceskatingclub.co.uk

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The Isle of Wight Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club’s autumn competition took place at Planet Ice, Ryde, on Sunday 14 September. The results were as follows:

Spin, Spiral & Jump

1.  Beginner A, Girls aged 9 and under: 1 Scarlett Hamilton, 2 Grace Clifton, 3 Kennadie Davis

2. Beginner A, Girls aged 10 and over: 1 Annabel Palfrey, 2 Alysa Morris, 3 Tia Ogbourne

3. Beginner A, Boys: 1 Freeman Hawkins

4. Beginner B, Girls aged 9 and under: 1 Sophia Elliott, 2 Jessica Curtis, 3 Ellie Watts, 4 Josie Watts, 5 Arwen Rowden, 6 Eloise Hayward

5. Beginner B, Girls aged 10 and over: 1 Bethan Perry, 2 Felicity Lane, 3 Emily Godsell, 4 Safia Saphin

6. Beginner B, Boys: 1 Luke Rowley, 2 Kallum Wood


Free Skating

8. Beginner Girls, aged 10 and under: 1 Tiarna Barton, 2 Anna Temporin, 3 Courtney Lane, 4 Hannah Ainsworth, 5 Lily McDevitt

9. Beginner Girls, aged 11 and over: 1 Serena Copping, 2 Elizabeth Betts, 3 Stella Stratton, 4 Isabel Curtis, 5 Tia Bishop, 6 Chloe Walsh

10. Beginner Boys: 1 Sam Petty

11. Men, Pre Bronze Standard: 1 Steve Wood

12. Level 1 Girls: 1 Saphire Recalde-Arnold, 2 Savannah Randall

13. Level 1 Boys: 1 James Wright, 2 Robbie World

14. Level 2 Girls: 1 Robyn Johnson, 2 Lauren Wood

15. Level 2 Boys: 1 Oliver Brunton

16. Level 3 Girls: 1 Toni Delap, 2 Roxy Collins. 3 Kirsty Atter

17. Level 3 Boys: 1 Will Riley

18. Level 4 Girls: 1 Keelin Scholes

19. Level 6 Girls: 1 Charlotte Chapman

20. Level 7 Girls: 1 Amy World

21: Level 9 Girls: 1 Nikita Heathfield



22. Beginners: 1 Lily McDevitt, 2 Issy Dixon

23. Levels 2 and 3: 1 Toni Delap, 2 Roxy Collins

24. Level 4 and over: 1 Keelin Scholes, 2 Amy World

25. Groups A: 1 Tiarna Barton, Courtney Lane and Chloe Walsh

26. Groups B: 1 Charlotte Chapman, Roxy Collins, Keelin Scholes and Anneliese Smith






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Dundee Opens took place from 15 to 17 August at Dundee Ice Arena, and a small band of IW skaters headed north to take part.

Toni Delap competed in the level 3 ladies, scoring 15.57 for ninth place. Will Riley was second in the level 3 men with 11.96.

Nikita Heathfield was 18th in the level 9 ladies short programme, scoring 23.32. She was also 18th in the long with a score of 44.02. The scores were fantastic for Nikita, who smashed her personal best.

Archie Bicknell was third in the level 9 men’s short with 15.55 and 3rd in the long with 31.97.

Results: www.sk8scotland.org.uk/Results/DISCOpen2014/

Link: www.dundeeiceskatingclub.co.uk

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The National Team Challenge (NTC) is under way today (6 July) at Lee Valley ice rink, east London. Clubs fielding teams at this year’s event include Alexandra Palace, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Chelmsford, Isle of Wight, Lee Valley and Slough. Members of the IW team were up at 4am today for the trip to Lee Valley.

Clubs compete in a selection of free skating, ice dance, synchro and artistic groups, plus a compulsory show number. The show number is for Isle of Wight skaters sometimes their first experience of competing on the mainland, and allows them to compete yet have the support of other members of the club. Teams score points based on their finishing position in each group, and with seven teams competing this year, 1st place in each group will score 7 points and 7th place 1 point. Groups can be lightly or heavily contested, leading to easy or hard-won points, which is both the charm of the NTC scoring system and part of the art of doing well at the event. It’s important to note that all calculations about maximizing points from small group sizes fail if one team can outright win in every group through the quality of its skating.

The Isle of Wight has never won the National Team Challenge, but has in the recent past has performed well overall for a club of its small size, finishing second in 2011 and third in 2012 and 2013.  In 2013 its show number, Cats, was first; the first time it came top in this group was in 2007 with Phantom of the Opera.

iowskaters will be publishing the results of IW skaters throughout the day. Positions of IW skaters and podium places currently reported are as follows:

Synchronized skating: 1st Isle of Wight, 2nd Lee Valley, 3rd Bracknell

Female beginners: 1st Saphire Recalde-Arnold (IW), 2nd Jayde Young (Slough), 3rd Bethan Rees (Bracknell)
Male beginners: 1st Ennis Finnerty-Mackay (AP), 2nd Max Hall (Bracknell), 3rd James Wright (IW)

Female level 3 and under: 1st Layla Belanova (AP), 2nd Charli Gillard (Basingstoke), 3rd Sophia Bushell (Lee Valley), 4th Toni Delap (IW)
Male level 3 and under: 1st Robert Beale (Chelmsford), 2nd Nathan Todd Smith (Basingstoke), 3rd Will Riley (IW)

Female level 5 and under: 1st Georgina Csori (Lee Valley), 2nd Callie Brown (Slough), 3rd Chloe Curtin (Chelmsford)
Male level 5 and under: 1st Curtis Bushell (Lee Valley), 2nd Jack Hookey (Slough), 3rd Edward Appleby (Chelmsford)

Female level 8 and under:  1st Rei Yoshimoto (Lee Valley), 2nd Caitlin Marsh (Basingstoke), 3rd Sian Moynihan (Chelmsford)
Male level 8 and under: 1st Sam Tudgay (Basingstoke)

Solo free dance Juvenile and Basic Novice: 1st Bettina Hanlon (Slough), 2nd Eloise Simmonds (Bracknell)
Solo free dance Advanced Novice: 1st Callie Brown (Slough), 2nd Chloe Arthur (Bracknell), 3rd Julia Makejeva (AP), 4th Amy World (IW)
Solo short dance Junior and Senior: 1st Lilah Fear (AP), 2nd Bethany Armitage (Bracknell), 3rd Maria Holdcroft (IW)

Dance couples level 6 and under: 1st Nina Lindsay and Michael Canning (Slough)
Dance couples veterans: Hana Conor and Brian Connor (AP)

Solo exhibition level 2 and under: 1st Stephanie Sundier (AP), 2nd Paige Lepley (Chelmsford), 3rd Jane Nelhams (Bracknell)
Solo exhibition level 8 and under: 1st Michael Canning (Slough), 2nd Caitlin Marsh (Basingstoke), 3rd Yasmin Tilly (AP)

2s to 4s artistic: 1st Alexandra Palace, 2nd Lee Valley , 3rd Isle of Wight

Show number: 1st Lee Valley, 2nd Basingstoke, 3rd Isle of Wight

Overall: 1st Alexandra Palace, 56 points; 2nd Lee Valley, 51 points; 3rd Slough, 51 points; 4th Basingstoke, 48 points; 5th Isle of Wight, 47 points; 6th Bracknell, 43 points; 7th Chelmsford, 42 points. Lee Valley were placed 2nd and Slough were placed 3rd on a tie-breaker.

Results are subject to confirmation. Thanks to all reporters for providing updates.

There is no active website or online presence for the NTC.



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