Guildford Opens 2015 – results

IW skaters were in action at Guildford open competitions on 18 to 21 May, achieving the following results:

Beginner girls age 8 and under: 8th Sophia Elliott (7.17)
Beginner girls age 10: 4th Courtney Lane (12.30), 5th Tiarna Barton (11.88)
Beginner girls age 12 and over: 8th Bethan Perry (8.18)
Level 2 girls age 12 and over: 3rd Saphire Recalde-Arnold (15.02)
Level 3 girls: 4th Holly Eldridge (15.76)
Adult single silver Class I and Class II: 6th Miranda McGeoch (16.47)

Ryde head coach Terri Smith writes: “These were great results for our young skaters, especially Saphire Recalde-Arnold making the podium and achieving third place competing at level 2 for the first time. Saphire also received the score for her next test. This is new to figure skating – skaters can now achieve a certain score in competition and buy their test. This is more convenient and a great step forwards as the skaters can progress during competitions and it takes the extra stress out of taking exams.

“Test scores were also gained by Courtney, Tiarna and Holly, so if they want to move forwards they can buy their test.

“It was the first time Bethan Perry had competed in solo competition nationally, as she had only competed on the Island before. She found the large ice pad challenging and didn’t skate to her best. Experience was gained especially for all our skaters as the more they compete and get into the competition environment the better.

“IW solo skaters are now looking forwards to Basingstoke opens in November.”


Official results:

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