Basingstoke Opens 2014 – results

Basingstoke Opens take place this week from 3 to 5 November. A number of IW skaters are taking part and their results will be posted when available.

Results of IW skaters:

Beginner ladies age 8 and under: 13th Sophia Elliot (7.93)
Beginner ladies age 10 and 11: 9th Courtney Lane (10.35), 10th Aileen Armstrong (10.29), 14th Tiarna Barton (9.81)
Beginner ladies age 12 and over: 3rd Serena Copping (12.52)

Level 1 ladies age 11 and over: 4th Ayesha Taylor(16.20), 11th Saphire Recalde-Arnold (13.90)
Level 1 men: 1st James Wright (17.73)

Level 2 ladies: 5th Lauren Wood (17.11), 9th Robyn Johnson (16.30)
Level 2 men: 3rd Oliver Brunton (14.33)

Level 3 ladies: 5th Toni Delap (19.36), 11th Kirsty Atter (17.05), 19th Beckie Vockins (9.27)
Level 3 men: 1st Miles Grist (16.31), 2nd William Riley (15.39)

Junior ladies short: 5th Nikita Heathfield (25.08)
Junior ladies free: 8th Nikita Heathfield (43.82)



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