National Team Challenge 2016 – results

The National Team Challenge (NTC) took place on Sunday 3 July at Guildford ice rink. Clubs fielding teams at this year’s event included Alexandra Palace, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Coventry, Gosport, Guildford,  Isle of Wight, and Slough.

At the NTC, clubs compete in eight out of a selection of 17 free skating, ice dance, synchro and artistic groups, plus a ninth, compulsory show category. Teams score points based on their finishing position in each group, and with eight teams competing this year, 1st place in each group scored 8 points, down to 8th place which scored 1 point. Choosing the right groups in which to compete can hugely change a team’s potential score and is part of the game of the event.

Positions of IW entries were as follows:

Synchronized skating: 3rd Isle of Wight

Beginners men, any age: 4th Kallum Wood

Novice A ladies, any age: 5th Keelin Scholes

Novice A men, any age: 4th Will Riley

Advanced novice ladies: 2nd Amy World

Solo free dance, juvenile and under: 2nd Beckie Vockins

Solo exhibition level 2 and under: 2nd Sophia Elliott

Solo exhibition level 8 and under: 3rd Toni Delap

Show number: 5th Isle of Wight

Results are subject to confirmation.

The event was won by Guildford on 65 points, with Coventry second on 64 points and Alexandra Palace third on 61 points. The Isle of Wight was 7th on 51 points.

Official results:



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