IW skaters head for Telford

A number of IW skaters are travelling to Telford today and tomorrow to compete in Telford Ice Skating Club’s open competitions (23 and 24 March).

In the beginners girls events, Ella Newnham competes in the ages 11 and 12 category; Keelin Scholes and Hannah Brookes compete in the category for skaters aged 13 and over. At level 1, Roxy Collins is in the ages 11 and under category. Charlotte Chapman is in the event for level 3 girls. All four events are strongly contested, with 20, 22 , 14 and 17 entries respectively.

Among the top levels, Archie Bicknell competes in the level 8 men, and Maggie Read takes part in the level 9 ladies event.

Good luck to all our skaters.

Club site: http://www.telfordiceskatingclub.co.uk/

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