Trophy d’Ecosse 2018

IW synchronized skating teams are on their way today to the 2018 Trophy d’Ecosse, which takes place from 9 to 11 February at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

Wight Jewels skate in the senior event, facing GB teams Viola and Zariba, plus the USA’s Adrian College and Canada’s Nexxice. Wight Crystals skate in a class of their own in the advanced novice B competition. Wight Sparkles are up against Nottingham’s Silhouettes and Solway Lightning in the juvenile event, and Wight Sequins face 10 other teams in the elementary competition.

All the teams are sponsored by Wightlink.

Live streaming of the event is via Ryan T  Thornton’s On the Rocks and YouTube at . The competition is due to start at 1.50 pm on Friday, 1.44pm on Saturday and 1.25pm on Sunday.

Update: Wight Jewels were fifth in the seniors with a total of 71.82 (20.62 in the short, 51.20 in the free). Wight Crystals scored 26.20 for gold in the advanced novice B. Wight Sparkles were third in the juveniles on 26.93, just 0.16 behind second-placed Solway Eclipse. Wight Sequins were sixth in the elementary event on 19.89.

Catch-up videos are at


IW synchro teams on their way to Dumfries thanks to Wightlink

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