National Team Challenge 2013: IW Cats win best in show


IW skaters kept up a tradition of delivering powerful and moving show numbers at the National Team Challenge in Bracknell on 7 July, with the team’s performance to Cats taking first place and propelling the team onto the podium in the overall rankings. The IW finished third overall.

Overall placings were 1st Bracknell, 45.5 points; 2nd Alexandra Place, 44 points; 3rd Isle of Wight, 43.5 points; 4th Guildford, 42 points; 5th Chelmsford, 38 points; 6th Basingstoke, 37 points. The competition was one of the closest for years.

In the compulsory show number, the placings were: 1st Isle of Wight, 2nd Bracknell, 3rd Guildford, 4th Alexandra Palace, 5th Basingstoke , 6th Chelmsford. The Isle of Wight was the only team to score a perfect 6.0 from one judge for entertainment.

Teams entered 8 of 17 categories plus the compulsory show number. Positions for IW skaters in the categories entered were as follows:

1 Female/male beginner: 3rd Lauren Wood (4 points)

2 Female level 3 and under: 2nd Keelin Scholes (5 points)

3 Male level 3 and under: 3rd Miles Grist (4 points)

4 Female level 5 and under: 5th Charlotte Chapman (2 points)

6 Female level 8 and under: 2nd Nikita Heathfield (5 points)

9 Solo Free Dance (Basic and Advanced Novice): 1st= Amy World (5.5 points)

14 Synchronized: 1st Isle of Wight (6 points)

17 2s, 3s and 4s any standard: 1st Archie Bicknell and Maggie Read (6 points)

18 Show Number: 1st Isle of Wight, Cats (6 points)

Full results are as follows:

Class 1: 1 Felicity Cronin (GUI), 2 Rebecca Swadling (BRA), 3 Lauren Wood (IOW), 4 Sadie Cook (BAS), 5 Katya Oliver (CHE)

Class 2: 1 Serena Yau (CHE), 2 Keelin Scholes (IOW), 3 Charli Cillard (BAS), 4India Porter (BRA), 5 Katerina Poulios (GFD)

Class 3: 1 Edward Appleby (CHE), 2 Ethan Lister (AP), 3 Miles Grist (IOW)

Class 4: 1 Anastasia Brotsman (GFD), 2 Jasmine Cressey (AP), 3 Chloe Curtin (CHE), 4 Jessica Gill (BAS), 5 Charlotte Chapman (IOW)

Class 5: 1 Jacob Payne (BRA), 2 Elliot Appleby (CHE)

Class 6: 1 Anna Litvenenko (GFD), 2 Nikita Heathfield (IOW), 3 Sian Moynihan (CHE)

Class 7: 1 Oliver Parrington-Tyler (BAS), 2 Antoine Alins (AP)

Class 8: 1 Anna Wortley (BRA)

Class 9: 1= Bethany Armitage (BRA), Amy World (IOW), 3 Julia Makejeva (AP), 4 Gabriella Saxby (GFD)

Class 10: 1 Orla Peppett (AP), 2 Maria Holdcroft (BAS)

Class 11: 1 Franchesca Stevens (BRA)

Class 12: 1 Julia Makejeva/Jake Warner (AP), 2 Fiona Hammett/Curtis Hawthrone (BAS)

Class 13: 1 Hana Connor/Brian Connor (AP)

Class 14: 1 IOW, 2 Bracknell

Class 15: 1 Edward Appleby (CHE), 2 Rosie Thomas (GFD), 3 Jane Nelhams (BRA), 4 Leah Douglas (BAS)

Class 16: 1 Caitlin Marsh (BAS), 2 Natalia Kuras-McKelvey (GFD), 3 Helen Taylor (CHE)

Class 17: 1 Archie Bicknell/Maggie Read (IOW), 2 Yasmin Tilly/Antoine Alins/ Lily Burgering/Jasmine Cressey (AP), 3 Rosie Speed/Grace Tedder/Jennifer Greenfield/Eleanor Spooner (GFD)

Class 18: 1 IOW, 2 BRA, 3 GFD, 4 AP, 5 BAS, 6 CHE

IW show number: Cats


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