IW synchronized skating achievements updated

The Achievements page for synchronized skating has been updated to clarify the season or years in which a team’s positions have been achieved, at which events, and on which dates. Where possible details have been cross-referenced to official results pages so that a team’s stated position can be verified independently.

There is inevitably confusion between the British Figure Skating Championships (BFSC) and the British Synchronized Skating Championships & National Opens (BSSCNO). The BFSC has fluctuated between incorporating and not incorporating synchronized skating, with the result that some years it is the British championship event for the elite levels of senior, junior and novice – as it was for the 2010/11 season. In the years that the BFSC is not, then the BSSCNO is the championship event for these elite levels.

The BSSCNO is the championship event for the more recreational levels of synchronized skating, such as juvenile, elementary, intermediate and preliminary. It is a highly popular event and attracts large numbers of teams from across the UK. In the years that it is not the British championship event for senior, junior and novice levels, it runs national opens – not championships – at these levels.

IW teams always compete at the respective national championships for their level.

Currently, synchronized skating is represented at the BFSC, ensuring that the elite levels of solo, pairs, dance and synchronized skating all take place at the same national championships. The BFSC has also moved to early in the season to allow skaters and teams to fulfil requirements to compete at later international events.

Note that event-specific web pages, such as those for the 2010 and the 2011 Junior World Challenge Cup, may only last for one year and links may therefore become unavailable. © 2011 iowskaters.co.uk

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