IW placings at Hull IJS Opens

Hull IJS Opens involved IW skaters across all four days of the event (7 to 10 July)...

Hannah Brookes finished in 10th place in the beginner ladies aged 13 and over (Class 1D) on day one.

On day two, Keelin Scholes did well to finish 5th in the level 1 ladies aged 13 and over (Class 3C), competing in a large group of 20 skaters. Large groups are a feature of the opens, with the number of entrants capped on some classes.

Archie Bicknell was 7th in the level 8 advanced novice men (short programme) and 6th in the free programme event at this level, out of seven skaters.

Maggie Read turned in a great skate in the level 9 junior ladies (short programme) to achieve 16th place in this group of 24 competitors. Former IW skater Sophie Kent was 7th in the same event, and also achieved 7th place in the level 9 junior ladies free.

Full results are now available on the Hull Arena Ice Skating Club website.

Official results: http://www.haisc.co.uk/HullOpens2011/index.htm

Originally published 8 July 2011; updated over 9 to 12 July 2011

© 2011 iowskaters.co.uk

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