Club and website part company

Since 2002 this website has been run on behalf of the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club. The club has decided it wishes its website to pursue other directions, and it will be introducing a new website that is oriented towards membership management and organization, including membership data storage. The club committee voted to adopt this approach at its last committee meeting, and aims to introduce the new website by 30 April. [Update: the new official club website is due to launch on 21 May.]

The news-oriented approach used since 2002 is no longer seen as suitable. The time has therefore come to either close this site or remove its association with the club and continue doing independently what the site has done for nine years. I have decided to continue with the website rather than closing it because closing the site would lose an important archive of local ice skating achievements.

So in short, apart from the removal of the IWID&FSC’s name and some details about the club from the website, everything will continue as it has done. will continue to report on the achievements of skaters from the Isle of Wight, and present items of interest to them.

To mark the change, the site will now use its alternative, shorter web address of, as opposed to

Ian Marsh

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