Help the club when you shop, surf and search

Do you surf the internet? How about shop online? Doing either of these tasks can help earn money towards the club without costing you a single penny! The club is now taking part in a fabulously easy fundraising program.

Simply go to, register your name and enter the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club as your chosen cause. Make it one of your Home pages so it is easy to access and next time you want to shop online, access any of more than 2,000 shops available through the easyfundraising page. A certain percentage of your purchase or a flat rate donation will be made to the club and it doesn’t cost you anything!

When surfing the web, easyfundraising’s sister site can help you with Yahoo, Bing and Ask Jeeves all at the same time! Think of how many times you do a simple search each day at home, at work or both.  An average of only 10 searches a day would provide around £20.00 a year to the club. Register today and make it a home page as well, both at home and at work!

If you are involved with another organisation that may benefit from this type of program, please ask Donna Black for a special referral link.  By the other group registering their cause through our link, our club would receive an amount equivalent to 20% of everything they raise. The other organisation still gets their full donations and we benefit as well. A win-win situation!

Please help us raise more money by using these sites whenever possible. Anyone can do it. Pass it on to your friends, families and work colleagues as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Black through the club email