IWID&FSC competition results

The results of the IWID&FSC competitions held on 2 May at Ryde Arena were as follows:

Spin, Spiral and Jump
Girls, aged 9 and under: 1 Olivia Lacey, 2 Charlie Page, 3 Sapphire Arnold
Boys: 1 Elliott Armour, 2 Jordan Pointer
Girls, aged 10 and over: 1 Hannah Barfoot, 2 Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby, 3 Charlotte Cordon
Adults: 1 Susan Dell

Free Skating
Under Level 1
Girls, aged 10 and under:
1 Roxy Collins, 2 Ella Newnham, 3 Faith Wilkinson
Boys, aged 10 and under: 1 Miles Grist
Girls, aged 11 and over: 1 Nicola Baxter, 2 Ellee Symmans, 3 Cameron Leigh Probert

Level 1
Girls, aged 10 and under:
1 Felicity Gingras
Girls, aged 11 and over: 1 Kayleigh Pedley, 2 Kirsty Atter, 3 Bethany Howarth
Boys: 1 Mitchell Brown
Adults: 1 Steve Wood

Level 2
Aged 10 and under:
1 Charlotte Chapman
Aged 11 and over: 1 Isabella Parkes, 2 Lucy Burns

Level 3
1 Tia Daley

Level 4
1 Nikita Heathfield

1 Karen Baldwin and Arron Grist

At the end of the day, we were priviledged to watch Maggie Read do her Level 9 exam for the judges.  After her fantastic presentation, we are so pleased to congratulate her on the well deserved success!!  Well done Maggie!

We’d also like to acknowledge our own Archie Bicknell who skated one of his brilliant new competition programs purely for our enjoyment.   Thank you Archie!

A big thanks to all helpers, and especially to our three officials, who gave up part of their bank holiday weekend to come across to the Island and judge the competitions.

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