Bracknell Opens: Results of IW Skaters

IW skaters taking part in Bracknell Ice Skating Club’s open competitions on 25 and 26 April achieved the following podium places:

Harrison Trophy, level 2 girls aged 12 and over: 3rd Phoena Wilmott-Bayer

Cheshire Cat Cup, level 1 and under solo artistic: 1st Yelena Brown, 2nd Nikita Heathfield, 3rd Alicia Macintyre

Mad Hatter’s Trophy, level 2 solo artistic: 1st Sarah Close

The Tomahawk Cup, level 3 boys: 3rd Archie Bicknell

The March Hare’s Trophy, level 3 artistic: 2nd Gemma Fishel

The Jane Elizabeth Cup, level 4 & 5 artistic: 3rd Sian-Marie Edkins

The Easter Cup, level 6 and over artistic: 2nd Gemma Marsh

The Humphreys Trophy, group artistic: 1st Nicole Hinton and Yelena Brown

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