ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2015: live streaming

The 2015 World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, on 13 and 14 March is being streamed live via Daily Motion. The streaming links are:



IMPORTANT: The live streaming for Day 2 went offline after Team Belgium and as of 15:00 had not resumed. Also, viewing costs of £9.17 are per day not per event (via PayPal); the 48-hour pass for Day 1 did not buy access to Day 2.

Update (15:45): New server for Day 2:

The skating is scheduled to begin on Friday at 18:45 (17:45 GMT) and on Saturday at 15:15 (14:15 GMT).

Among the 24 teams taking part are UK representatives NIC Icicles, who will no doubt be seeking to improve on the 14th place they secured last year. iowskaters wishes them well.

Update: NIC Icicles scored 31.28 to take them into 15th place in the short. Scoring 69.27 in the free, and giving them a total of 100.55, Icicles moved into 14th place overall. Although it was the same position they achieved last year, Icicles at long last overhauled Black Diam’s of France, who for several years have finished narrowly ahead of GB teams in international competitions.

The Icicles’ score was still almost nine points short of the total of 109.38 achieved at the British championships in January, but national championship scores of a number of countries often fail to withstand the scrutiny of an ISU event at world championship level.


Official website:

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