Mozart Cup 2013, Salzburg

The Mozart Cup 2013 takes place in Salzburg, Austria, this week from 3 to 5 January. The event is of interest to Isle of Wight skaters because it is the international event chosen by junior synchronized skating team Nottingham Icicles that will help decide which team represents Great Britain at the junior world championships in Helsinki in March.

NISA’s team selection for Helsinki depends on the scores of teams attained at the British championships and the best scores achieved at a qualifying international event, with the points weighted towards the score obtained at the British. Current British champions Nottingham Icicles have a good advantage here over runners-up Wight Jewels, but closing the gap is not outside the realms of mathematical possibility.

Icicles face five other European juniors teams in Salzburg: Sweet Mozart (Austria), Starlets (Czech Republic), Fire Blades (Finland), Starlets (Germany) and Sportland (Hungary).

Wight Jewels’ attempt to score enough points comes at the French Cup in Rouen in February, where they face 14 teams from around the world, most of which are in the top flight of junior synchro teams. Among them are target team Black Diam’s of France, who finished ahead of Wight Jewels at the last Junior World Challenge Cup in March 2012, and ahead of Nottingham Icicles at the French Masters in Compiegne in November 2012.




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