Wight Jewels

IW senior synchronized skating team Wight Jewels have launched a fundraising campaign following their bold declaration to carry on competing this season after the closure of their home rink last week.

This summer they completed another week-long training course in Sweden with top international synchronized skating coach Andrea Dohany, priming them for the season and the push towards the British championships in January 2017. The closure of Ryde rink means they must now train on ice rinks on the mainland, and the fundraising campaign aims to help pay towards ice time and travel. The team receives sponsorship from Wightlink, which will help with some but not all of the ferry costs.

As a junior team, the Jewels won the British championships four times in succession, and in 2012 at the Junior World Challenge Cup in Gothenburg they achieved 15th place, which at the time was the highest world championship position achieved by a British team for more than 10 years. A number of that team’s skaters still form the core of experience in today’s Jewels, who last season moved up to senior level. The team have had to learn new skills to do so, and have been refining them for this season.

The Jewels’ first competition this season is Wales and West Synchronized Skating Competition on 5 and 6 November 2016 in Cardiff.

The team have put in countless hours of hard work at unsociable hours to attain their current level. The team aim to raise £1,500. To support them, please contribute to the fundraiser at:



On the day that Ryde ice rink shut for good, senior synchronized skating team Wight Jewels vowed on social media to continue to compete this season. The team comprises Island and mainland skaters: it trained on mainland rinks when Ryde Arena shut because of storm damage, and plans to train on mainland rinks again this season now that Ryde rink has shut.

While iowskaters.com can find an angle on skating news related to the Isle of Wight and its skaters, iowskaters.com will continue to report on these achievements. The site will, therefore, continue, both as a record of Island skaters’ past achievements and as a reporter of their future successes.

Wight Jewels compete at Wales and West’s synchronized skating competition in Cardiff on 5 and 6 November.


It is with great sadness that Ryde Arena Limited has today informed its staff and users that we are no longer in a position to operate Ryde Arena.

It has become clear in recent weeks that AEW/BNY Mellon (the landlords) have no interest in allowing us to run a not for profit facility for the community.

At this present time we would like to put on record our thanks to the loyal staff and the dozens of volunteers who have worked tirelessly in the last 18 months to keep the arena open, despite some of the cruellest setbacks possible. In addition our thanks also go to our customers, Ryde Town Council and the Isle of Wight Council for their support.

We are truly devastated that the island is losing this facility.

At this stage we have no idea what the landlords plans are for the building. Clearly the landlord AEW/BNY Mellon still have the opportunity to see sense and discuss a solution that is acceptable to both parties and avoid yet another empty derelict building that serves no purpose to the community.

In the next few days we will make public some of the issues we faced in the hope that it will shed some light on what we were up against.

Ryde Arena

IMPORTANT: The bailiffs moved in on Ryde Arena early on 6 October: the rink is currently closed.

Leaseholder BNY Mellon/AEW Europe and the sub-leaseholder, community trust Ryde Arena Ltd, are currently in dispute over rent owed. The freeholder, Isle of Wight Council, is not involved.

According to reports in the press, BNY Mellon/AEW Europe alleges some £200,000 is owed. As rent on the Arena is £130,000 a year, and the trust has been in operation at the rink since 21 April 2015, the trust would have had to pay no rent at all for the 18-month period for that to be true (rent for the period would total about £195,000), including during the lengthy period the rink was closed to the public because of storm damage from November 2015 and for which insurance for business interruption would have paid the rent. The rink only officially reopened to the public on 5 August 2016.

The storm damaged the roof above office areas, the bar and cafe. The leaseholder has accepted an insurance settlement for the damage but has yet to reinstate the bar and cafe facilities, which at the time of writing are stripped and unusable. The trust has been trying to negotiate a reduced rent in view of the fact that these money-earning areas are unusable.

Ian Jenkins of the trust said on Facebook that: “AEW have throughout the refit had full market rent paid under their business interruption clause. They also received a large cash settlement for works that should have been completed to reinstate the facilities. I would request that AEW openly submit to this site a current statement showing all amounts paid to them from our insurance company in the interest of transparency and openness, including a balance owing.”

Coaches and the Wightlink Raiders have been shut out of the rink by the bailiffs, unable to retrieve personal property, such as skates and hockey kit, which are not part of the assets of Ryde Arena and which are essential to their professional work.

The following skaters passed NISA tests at Ryde Arena on 4 October 2016:

Field Moves

Level 1: Caitlin Cheer, Maisie Foreman, Lara Harrison, Mandy Haslam, Madeline Hemper, Caitlin Priddle, Melody Smout, Kallum Wood, Jasmine Young, Louisa Young
Level 2: Tiarna Barton, Jessica Curtis, Sophia Elliott, Courtney Lane, Arwen Rowdon
Level 3: Jess Curtis, Eloise Hayward, Emily Godsell
Level 4: Izzy Curtis, Rachael Downer, Bethan Perry
Level 5: Sarah Baldwin
Level 6: Alina Markova
Level 7: Serena Copping, Toni Delap, Ella Newnham
Level 8: Roxy Collins


Level 1: Emily Godsell, Lilijana Mcdevitt
Level 2: Izzy Curtis, Sophia Elliott, Bethan Perry
Level 3: Izzy Curtis


Pattern Dance 1: Oliver Brunton, Melody Sharifi, Beckie Vockins
Pattern Dance 2: Kerry Baynes, Arron Grist

Free Dance Level 1: Kerry Baynes

Free Skating

Level 1: Emily Godsell, Lilijana Mcdevitt, Melody Sharifi
Level 2: Izzy Curtis, Sophia Elliott, Bethan Perry
Level 3: Izzy Curtis

This information is subject to confirmation by NISA.

The Skate Southern club international takes place at Lee Valley Ice Centre, London, this week from 26 to 29 September.

IW skaters competing include:

Beginner ladies age 9 and 10: Masie Foreman (8th, 12.66), Arwen Rowdon (12th, 11.47)
Beginner ladies age 11 and over: Eloise Hayward (8th, 13.97), Ellie Watts (14th, 11.82), Josie Watts (12th, 12.62)
Beginner men: Luke Rowley (2nd, 13.22), Kallum Wood (6th, 10.22)
Level 1 ladies age 11 and under: Jessica Curtis (19th, 12.80), Sophia Elliott (11th, 15.54)
Level 1 ladies age 12 and over: Isabel Curtis (5th, 15.10)
Basic Novice A men age 12 and under: Oliver Brunton (10th, 15.83)
Basic Novice A men age 13+: Will Riley (1st, 25.40)
Basic Novice B ladies age 13 and under: Toni Delap (10th, 27.39)

Results: http://www.icephoto.co.uk/SS1609/

IW skaters are taking part in the IJS competitions in Sheffield this week from 22 to 26 August.

Will Riley competes in the Basic Novice A Men, Toni Delap in the Basic Novice B Ladies, and Nikita Heathfield in the Junior Ladies.

Results update:

Will Riley was 14th in the Basic Novice A Men with a score of 14.55.

Toni Delap was 40th in the Basic Novice B Ladies, scoring 17.00.

Nikita Heathfield was 7th in the short programme of the Junior Ladies with a score of 32.71, a personal best, according to coach Terri Smith. Nikita logged another personal best in the free, scoring 47.42 (21st place), for a total of 80.13 and 18th place overall.

Link: http://www.iceresultsuk.org.uk/Sheffield/2016/index.htm