Skate Southern September 2018

IW skaters at Skate Southern

IW skaters were in action at Skate Southern at Lee Valley Ice Centre, held on Monday 24 to Thursday 27 September.

On day two, five of our club’s skaters took part. In the level 3 ladies age 12 and under, Jess Curtis scored 19.19 for seventh place. In the level 3 ladies aged 13 and over, Izzy Curtis’s score of 15.10 gave her 10th place.

In the level 2 ladies, Eloise Hayward scored 14.01 in the age 11 and over group for 13th place, and Courtney Lane with 13.13 was 15th; in the age 10 and under group, Anneliese Smith scored 16.11 for 12th place.

Coach Terri Smith said: “The fact that the IW still has skaters in competitions at Lee Valley shows their determination and passion for their sport – five new personal best scores and their smiles say it all.

“It’s nearly two years since their home rink was closed and these girls have limited practice ice. Thanks to Gosport and Guildford for allowing them to train and continue their dreams.

“Along with their synchro team mates, IW skaters will still be competing this season nationally and internationally. You are all an inspiration to me and deserve the best.”

In addition, one of our newest synchro team members and club members, Gosport skater Georgina Evans, competed in the basic novice ladies, age 11, on the first day of the event. A score of 20.01 put her in 16th place.


Georgina Evans

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