Bracknell Opens 2018

IW skaters have been in action at Bracknell Open Competitions this week.

In the level 1 ladies aged 11 and under, Anneliese Smith placed 6th with a personal best of 17.37 points.

In the level 1 ladies aged 12 and over, Eloise Hayward was 6th with 14.47, Ellie Watts was 9th with 13.89, Josie Watts was 11th with 13.40 and Arwen Rowden 13th with 11.80.

Jessica Curtis picked up bronze in the level 2 ladies with 17.89 points.

Sophia Elliott in the level 3 ladies aged 12 and under achieved 4th place with a personal best of 20.30.

Wight Jewel Amy World, representing Gosport, was third in the level 8 ladies free with 40.30 points. Amy won the level 8 ladies short dance competition at the event with 42.67 points, and the level 8 free dance with 50.16 points.

Results (singles):

Results (dance):

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