Gold for Steve at British Inclusive Championships

Steve Wood (right) with Gosport coach Paul Crocker

IW skater Steve Wood took the Masters men title at the British Inclusive Championships, held over 3 to 6 April. He won both the level 4 compulsory elements and the level 4 free skate.

Steve is one of the band of IW skaters that travels to Gosport ice rink to train following the closure of Ryde ice rink. He is trained by IW coach Terri Smith, but Gosport coach Paul Crocker stood in for Terri at the championships.

Inclusive skating aims to include all skaters with an impairment and allow them to participate in all competitions and events on an equal basis.

Paul Crocker said: “Steve is amazing. He has autism but is completely independent. He lives independently, works independently and travels the world competing in ice skating. He says it has really helped his confidence in life.

“He’s coached by Terri Smith, so great work you two!”


Note: Publication of this report was delayed by iowskaters’ attendance at the 2018 WSSC in Stockholm.

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