Video Vault: IWIDFSC Team Challenge Rehearsals 2007

Most of the videos of the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club in action from 2002 to 2007 or so are on DV tape. I have at last been able to borrow a suitable camera to rescue the footage and put it back onto computer as more usable MP4 files. It is going to be a long project because imports have to be made in real time, but here’s a taster of what is to follow.

This clip is from dress rehearsals for the 2007 National Team Challenge, shot on 30 June 2007 at Ryde ice rink. It features, among others, Georgia Whelan, Matt Russell, Tom Eklund, and NTC stalwarts Carol and Steve Taverner. It is, of course, important because it shows life inside the now closed rink. The video footage shows the rehearsal warts and all.

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