Leon Lurje Trophy 2018

Gemma (left) and Molly. Photo: Anne-Marie Coxon

The Leon Lurje Trophy took place in Gothenburg over 27 and 28 January. There was British interest in the form of Dumfries team Solway Stars in the junior event, made all the more interesting by the fact that former Solway Star Molly Coxon was competing against them as a member of Canadian team Nexxice. Plus there was the Isle of Wight’s Gemma Marsh skating for Team Surprise of Sweden in the seniors.

Team Surprise were second to Haydenettes of the USA, although the closeness of the results mean that the top teams will be exciting to watch come the senior worlds in April this year.

Solway Stars scored a personal best at an ISU competition, 97.13, for 10th place in the juniors. Molly in Nexxice finished in third with 152.80.

Results: http://skatesweden.wehost.se/17-18/Synchro/LeonLurje/html/index.htm

Website: https://www.leonlurje-trophy.se/

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