Trophy D’Ecosse 2017

IW synchronized skating teams are in action this weekend at the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries, and the teams set off from the Island early this morning. The competition takes place from 10 to 12 February at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

Illness means that senior team Wight Jewels will be skating with only 15 skaters, which affects the choreography of the routines and limits the scores for elements.

Wight Crystals compete in the advanced novice B event, Wight Sparkles in the juvenile event, and Wight Sequins in the elementary event.

Live streaming is by Ryan Thornton of On the Rocks via a YouTube playlist. YouTube is hot on apparent musical copyright violations and if you miss a category live, it may be muted later.

Update (10 February): Wight Sequins were 5th in the elementary category, scoring 16.39. Wight Sparkles were third in the juvenile category, scoring 20.26. Wight Jewels are in fifth place in the seniors on 25.21.

The Sequins were awarded most entertaining programme, repeating their achievement of the British championships.

Update (11 February): Wight Crystals were third in the advanced novice B competion, scoring 24.19.

Wight Jewels scored 56.25 for their free programme in the senior competition, placing them fourth in this section. Overall, however, they narrowly missed advancing a place with a total of 81.46, and finished fifth. The score was their best at an ISU event this season.



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