Leon Lurje Trophy 2017 – results and streaming

Wight Jewels: the team continues to skate in spite of the closure of their home ice rink
Wight Jewels: the team continue to skate in spite of the closure of their home ice rink

IW senior synchronized skating team Wight Jewels compete this weekend at the Leon Lurje Trophy in Gothenburg, Sweden, which takes place at the Frölundaborg ice rink on 28 and 29 January. The Jewels are up against tough international competition.

Streaming costs SEK 130 for access via one device (PC, iPhone, iPad), and from this event is typically of high quality in our experience. Payment also gives access to on-demand video after the competition. The competition begins at 15.05 GMT on Saturday and at noon on Sunday (CET is one hour later).

Update (28 January): Wight Jewels scored 23.95 for their Bollywood-themed short programme and are in 7th place.

Update (29 January): Wight Jewels scored 41.57 in the free for a total of 65.52 and 7th place overall.

The Jewels, of course, have no ice rink since AEW Europe shut it down in 2016. They get about one and a half hours’ skating a week at other ice rinks late at night, and many of them have no opportunity to increase that skating time as individuals each week. The fact that they are able to compete at all this season is a tribute to their hard work and dedication.

Official site: www.leonlurje-trophy.se

Streaming: https://studio.leonlurje-trophy.se

Results: http://skatesweden.wehost.se/16-17/Synchro/LeonLurje/html/index.htm

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