Junior World Challenge Cup 2016, Zagreb

The ISU Synchronized Skating Junior World Challenge Cup takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, on 11 and 12 March, with UK interest in the shape of Nottingham’s Icicles. Icicles will be trying to better their excellent result of 14th place in the world, which they have attained twice over the past two years.

The 13th Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy also takes place over the two days, covering Basic and Advanced Novice and Senior events.

Update (14 March 2016): Icicles were 15th overall in the JWCC with a total score of 97.29, which as usual was well down on the score at the British Championships (117.44 – scores at the British typically do not withstand contact with the real world of ISU competitions). Icicles were 15th after the short on 32.28, and 15th in the free on 65.01. Although they slipped one place compared with last year, they were 22.18 points clear of the 16th-placed team, and therefore firmly in the mix in the cluster of countries scoring in the high 90s to low 100s, with plenty to build on for next season.

Live streaming

Live streaming has been announced at a cost of GBP 8.49 per day and is available via Daily Motion:

Day 1: www.dailymotion.com/video/x3wogbw_isu-synchronized-skating-junior-world-challenge-cup-2016-day-1_sport

Basic Novice starts at 4pm CET (3pm UK), the Junior short of the JWCC at 5.45 pm CET (4.45pm UK), and the Senior short at 9.05pm CET (8.05pm UK).

Day 2: www.dailymotion.com/video/x3wpvi3_isu-synchronized-skating-junior-world-challenge-cup-2016-day-2_sport

Advanced Novice starts at 4pm CET (3pm UK), the Junior free of the JWCC at 4.30pm CET (3.30pm UK), and the Senior free at 8.20pm CET (7.20pm UK)

If you were directed here by the ISU website, please note that iowskaters is merely reporting the links published on the croskate.hr website and the charges posted on the Daily Motion site, and is neither responsible for streaming coverage of the event nor the decision to charge £8.49 a day.

Last year’s coverage via the same route was a debacle; this year was no better, the issue was initially incessant commentary and then termination of the stream on day two because of complaints to Daily Motion that copyright was infringed on the music. Copyright infringement is a new problem for post-event skating videos on services such as YouTube, with a number of routines muted because of music copyright infringement in a particular country; loss of coverage of the JWCC is possibly the first live broadcast event to suffer during transmission.

Protocol (results): http://static.isu.org/media/309115/isu_sys_junior_world_challenge_cup_2016_protocol.pdf

Results: The event results link is dead. Use the protocol above.

Official site: www.croskate.hr

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