Spring Cup 2016

The 2016 Spring Cup takes place in Sesto san Giovanni, Milan, on 19 to 21 February. Live streaming commentary is by Ryan T Thornton of On the Rocks, the stream is available at http://springcup.idealweb.tv/ and costs 7.50 euros.

According to the schedule, the junior short starts at 14.30 CET (13.30 UK time) on Saturday 20th, with the senior short on at 16.40 CET (15.40 UK time). On Sunday 21st February, the advanced novice starts at 14.00 (13.00 UK time), the junior long at 16.10 (15.10 UK time) and the senior free at 18.25 (17.25 UK time). Times may change.

iowskaters will be at the event this year ready to update our Facebook page if necessary if official channels of information go down. However, in general, the Spring Cup is well promoted and updated and we don’t expect to do much more than cheer on the teams.

Link: www.springcup.it

Streaming: http://springcup.idealweb.tv/

Results: http://www.fisg.it/upload/result/3926/index.html

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