Basingstoke Opens 2015 – results

Basingstoke Open Competitions are taking place this week (2 to 5 November) and a few IW skaters are taking part. The event was heavily oversubscribed, and the event referee limited the number of competitors taking part based on the dates that entries were received.

Results achieved by IW skaters so far are as follows:

Beginner Men: 3rd Luke Rowley 7.51
Level 3 Men: 2nd James Wright 16.36
Level 5 Ladies, aged 12 and under: 14th Toni Delap 19.59
Level 6 Men:
6th Will Riley 15.94
Junior Ladies SP:
4th Nikita Heathfield 30.95
Junior Ladies FP: 8th Nikita Heathfield 43.63

In the Advanced Novice Ladies Short, Gosport and IW skater Amy World was 8th with 22.47. She was 10th in the free with 31.28.


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