Gosport and Isle of Wight Cross-Solent Competition 2015

From left to right: Will Riley, Toni Delap, Roxy Collins
Group 2 Artistic (left to right): Will Riley (2nd), Toni Delap (1st), Roxy Collins (3rd). Picture: Nici Delap

Isle of Wight skaters travelled to the mainland today for the Cross-Solent artistic competition with Gosport. The competition used closed marking so iowskaters.com can report only the points scored for the different classes, which were as follows:

Class 1, level 1 and under: Gosport 15 points, IW 6 points

Class 2, level 2 to 6: Gosport 6 points, IW 15 points

Class 3, over level 6: Gosport 10 points, IW 11 points

Class 4, 2s, 3s and 4s, level 1 and under: Gosport 10 points, IW 10 points

Class 5, 2s, 3s and 4s, over level 1: Gosport 11 points, IW 10 points

Class 6, groups: Gosport 9 points, IW 9 points.

The artistic competition therefore ended in a draw, with both clubs scoring 61 points. Gosport therefore retains the trophy until the next competition.

The artistic competition was preceded by the Sue Buckingham Memorial Trophy, which saw the clubs’ synchronized skating teams in action: Gosport AllStars and Shooting Stars, and the Wight Sparkles and Fossils. The Sue Buckingham Memorial Trophy is contested in memory of ice skating judge Sue Buckingham. Sue was a regular member of the select group of judges who very kindly make the effort to come across to the Isle of Wight to officiate at club competitions.

Gosport won the trophy, with All Stars coming first, Shooting Stars second, Wight Fossils third and Wight Sparkles fourth.

Sue Buckingham Memorial Tropy: Gosport Shooting Stars, Gosport All Stars, Wight Fossils
Sue Buckingham Memorial Trophy: Gosport Shooting Stars (2nd), Gosport All Stars (1st), Wight Fossils (3rd). Picture: Nici Delap

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