ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2015

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2015 take place in Hamilton, Canada, on 10 and 11 April.

Team Spirit GB of Wales & West, coached by Katrina Cotterrall, is the UK’s entry among the 25 teams taking part at the championships. The team trains at impossible hours with skaters coming to Cardiff from across the UK. This season Spirit has seemingly been overcoming those disadvantages with some strong international scores compared with last year’s results, and by attaining the much tougher scores required by NISA to compete at the worlds.

UK synchro fans can also with good reason support Team Sweden 1, Team Surprise, which includes Isle of Wight skater Gemma Marsh on its squad.

The event’s official Facebook page is far more active than the official website, and is currently recommended for the most recent updates.

Live streaming is on the ISU skating channel and CBC Sports, with the practices also available on the Skate Canada site. Blackout regions on the ISU’s free skating channel are USA (paid-for access via and Canada.

Hamilton is five hours behind UK time, and six hours behind central Europe. Streaming on the ISU skating channel, however, is available after the event when it can be viewed at a more reasonable time.

According to the Skate Canada schedule, the short programme is scheduled to start at 5.30pm (10.30pm UK time) on 10 April, finishing at 10.15pm (3.15am on 11 April UK time). The short programme draw will be seeded based on last year’s results, so from a UK perspective all the top teams will be skating in the small hours. The free programme starts at 1pm (6pm UK time) on 11 April.

iowskaters post updates on this event on its Facebook page.

Live streaming practices: (check for link on main site)

Live streaming (Canada): (video on

Live streaming (USA): (subscription required)

Live streaming ISU skating channel:

Live results:

Official website:

The teams:



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