Blackpool Ice Skating Festival 2015

What could be IW synchronized skaters’ last skating competition before Ryde rink is due to close sees Wight Sparkles and Wight Crystals heading to Blackpool for the Blackpool Ice Skating Festival on 7 to 11 April. Both teams compete on 9 April: Wight Sparkles in the elementary synchro, and Wight Crystals in the preliminary.

Planet Ice still intends to cease operations at Ryde on 12 April. IW skaters are waiting on news of whether Ryde Arena Trust‘s negotiations to keep the rink running will be successful.

Update (9 April): The IW teams finished the season by taking two golds. Wight Crystals were first in the preliminary synchro with 22.46. In the elementary synchro, Wight Sparkles suffered two falls, but their score of 15.29 was still enough to finish ahead of Deelite Angels (15.11) and Solihull’s Sparkles (13.30).



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