Spring Cup 2015, Milan

The 21st Spring Cup gets under way at the Palasesto ice rink in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, on 13 to 15 February. This synchronized skating competition attracts some of the world’s top teams, including the awesome Team Surprise from Sweden at senior level, Haydenettes from USA, Tartarstan from Russia and Nexxice from Canada. Nexxice will be fresh from the Trophy D’Ecosse, where they amassed a stunning 202.69 points.

Junior level has also attracted some top teams, with Nexxice Juniors, Idel from Russia, Synchroettes from the USA, three Swedish teams including Convivium and Spirit, and Team Berlin Juniors.

The draw takes place on 13 February, with the skating on 14 and 15 February. The event has an active Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/springcup. iowskaters understands that this year’s event will be streamed and details will be available later this week. As Ryan T Thornton was on our flight from Gatwick, and arrived at the PalaSesto rink shortly after we did on Thursday, streaming will almost certainly be by On The Rocks and available on a YouTube channel. Update: Stream is by On a The Rocks, see link below.

iowskaters will be at the event, updating via our Facebook page when possible, depending on internet connections.

Link: www.springcup.it

Teams: www.springcup.it/15/team.html

Schedule: www.springcup.it/15/time.html

Results: www.springcup.it/15/results.html and http://www.fisg.it/upload/result/3544/index.html

Live streaming: http://www.ontherocks.co/spring-cup.html

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