Trophy D’Ecosse 2015

The Trophy D’Ecosse takes place in Dumfries on 6 to 8 February, as IW parents will already know, having packed the teams off on a coach this morning in the small hours. They should arrive in time for the draw tonight and for early morning practice on Friday.

Wight Jewels, competing in the Junior B event, are in a group of four including Kids on Ice (Eindhoven), Solway Stars (Dumfries) and Team Destiny (Wales & West).

Wight Crystals, competing in the Basic Novice B event, are in a group of three, including Fusion (Bracknell) and Solway Eclipse (Dumfries).

Wight Sparkles, competing in the Elementary event, are in a group of four including Solway Lightning (Dumfries), Icepops (Nottingham) and Starlight Blizzard (Stirling).

The competition has attracted a stellar name at senior level: Nexxice of Canada. The category also has a team from Turkey, Team Turquoise of Ankara, which should prove interesting for the three British senior teams involved: Team Spirit (Wales & West), Zariba (Aberdeen) and Moray Dolphins (Inverness).

Nexxice will also be competing at the Spring Cup in Milan on 13 to 15 February, which is where iowskaters will be next. We’re not at Dumfries this year, so we regret we will not be able to report results live on our Facebook page.

Start order and results are in theory at:

Official site:

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