British Figure Skating Championships 2014

The British Figure Skating Championships for 2014 gets under way today at iceSheffield and runs until 30 November. Live coverage of the event is available free to NISA members at An event pass costs £10.

IW synchro team member Amy World skated in the basic novice ladies, representing her home club of Gosport, coming fifth out of 34 skaters. Her score of 31.20 was very close to those of the fourth and third place skaters, who received 31.32 and 31.36 respectively. Amy can be seen skating on the Island later this year in Planet Ice Ryde’s Mary Poppins show in December.

IW eyes will be on Danielle Harrison, representing Basingstoke in the junior ladies, and Lucy-Anne Walker representing Sheffield (ex-Basingstoke)  in the senior ladies, as both have skated at IW events in the past.

Update: Danielle took first place in the short programme in the junior ladies with on 41.35 points. Although she managed only third in the free with 69.55, she held onto first overall with 110.90, against 109.88 from Anna Litvinenko in second and 108.28 from Lana Bagen in third.

Lucy-Anne Walker was fifth overall in the senior ladies with 89.34.


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