Skate Southern, Lee Valley

Skate Southern took place at Lee Valley ice rink from 22 to 24 September, and Isle of Wight skaters achieved the following results:

Beginner Ladies aged 9 and Over: Aileen Armstrong, placed 15th on 10.53

Level 1 Ladies: Ayesha Taylor, placed 18th on 13.91

Level 1 Men, James Wright, placed 3rd on 15.86; Robbie World (representing Gosport), placed 5th on 12.54

Level 2 Ladies: Lauren Wood, placed 6th on 15.61

Level 2 Men: Oliver Brunton, placed 2nd on 15.51

Level 3 Ladies: Kirsty Atter, placed 20th on 11.69

Level 7 Ladies: Amy World (representing Gosport), placed 1st on 32.19

Mainland skaters Robbie and Amy World are also members of the Isle of Wight skating club.



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