Bracknell Opens 2014 – results

IW skaters have been in action this week at Bracknell open competitions, held on 28 April to 2 May at the John Nike leisure centre, Bracknell.

In the solo dance, Maria Holdcroft was fourth in the junior short dance with 33.09 and 5th in the junior free dance with 46.17. Maria represented Oxford in this event, but is a member of the IW synchronized skating teams.

In the figure skating events, which started on Thursday, Ayesha Taylor was first in the beginner girls aged 10 and over with a score of 14.83. Oliver Brunton was 3rd in the beginner boys with 9.36.

Will Riley won the level 2 men with a score of 16.86. Miles Grist was first in the level 3 men with 13.33.

Lauren Wood was 12th in the level 2 ladies with a score of 14.06.

Results (figure skating):

Results (solo dance):

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