Trophy D’Ecosse 2014: day two

First out to skate in the mixed age class at the Trophy D’Ecosse were Wight Crystals, who scored 29.97 after a deduction for a fall. The result earned them sixth place overall.

The mixed age class saw Solway Stars repeat their triumph of the British, scoring 41.55 for first place, ahead of Nottingham’s Rocking Robins in second on 37.58 and Poland’s Le Soleil in third on 35.43. Solway Stars’ pedigree as a former junior team shone through, with impressive speed over the ice.

The class concluded a good competition for the Polish teams from Torun, for whom two bronze medals is a good result. It was touching to see the young members of the juvenile Le Soleil team run to congratulate their mixed age team after their skate. The result is a reminder too to UK teams of the comparative strength of European teams.

That strength showed in the juniors, where Wight Jewels were unable to improve on their second place, scoring 55.26 in the free for a total of 84.28. Les Cometes of Dunkirk scored 59.49 for a total of 90.05 and first place. Les Cometes’ score is quite a turnround from the French championships on 28 Feb to 2 March where they scored  79.69.

Despite a short programme score close to that achieved in the British championship , the Jewels’ final result turned out to be 7.9 points down from the British championship score of 92.18. With fellow juniors Nottingham Icicles’ score at the JWCC this month (93.16) and in February at the French Cup (94.15) being substantially down on that of the British (121.46), no British junior team has gone on this season to repeat these high scores at more testing ISU events. The same is again true of several other junior teams at other countries’ domestic championships, and iowskaters will be looking at this when it completes its usual JWCC analysis.



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